It is always my goal to make my clients happy, a simple rule that most successful business people follow.  This is not a one-to-one collaboration because we must include Mother Nature.  She is neither a tyrant nor a witchy shrew, but she needs to be heeded and respected.  There is only so much of the outside world any of us can control for she is the ultimate authority.  So the next simple rule helps me create a plant healthy place that is enjoyable to us humans.


The right plant for the right place is the rule of thumb for most gardens and therefore gardeners.  It is a rule that works with nature not against.  It simply requires the acceptance of light, water and soil requirements.  Sometimes, it is not advisable to plant a meadow wildflower garden in a shady yard nor placing delicate maidenhair ferns in a scorching window box.  This is where my expertise comes in handy.  I will guide the customer to the right selection to ensure a healthy, green and lush extension of your home.